The Twits


Mr Twit is an ambitious, fierce, cruel and rather ugly looking man. He has one wife and they completely hate each other and try to play ghastly tricks on each other. Their favourite food is bird pie that they have once a week. Mr twit has a huge hairy beard, which you don’t want to look at because it has all his uneaten food from maybe even ten years ago! Who knows?

I think that he hasn’t had a shower since he was 7 years old, and he is 52 years old now!
That pair hates kids and make their 5 monkeys stand on their heads for 6 - 8 hours a day.  Mr twit put glue on his half dead tree and then when birds roost on it they can’t get of the tree because they are stuck. The next day he comes and takes them off and cooks them into bird pie, which of course he finds delicious.

Mrs Twit (Mr Twit’s wife) is just the same as Mr Twit. Mrs Twit is even starting to grow a beard! That is not very usual for a women.  She cooks the bird pie and then he cooks horrid things for Mr Twit on other days. Once she even gave him worms instead of spaghetti, and he ate it!  He even fell for it when he saw his as so called ‘Spaghetti’ wiggling and squirming around!

I think that Mr and Mrs Twit are completely twits and they need to get some common sense and care for people and animals more

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