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From the truck drivers perspective.

Hello, I am a normal farmer doing my job, although three years ago something horrifying happened to me…. One day, I was at a farm collecting bales of hay for my home farm far off in the country-side. I needed this hay for my horses to sleep on and to help grow my crops. Half an hour later all the hay that I needed was on the back of my lorry and I was on my way back to my farm.

I was getting nervous because I hated water and I had to over a lake on a creaky, old, unstable bridge that I was so afraid to go over, but it was the only way for me to get back home and I was afraid also to go over it because so many cars trucks etc went over it. I was 45 seconds away from it. My teeth were chattering and I was shaking all over, even though, I had been over it hundreds of times and it hadn't fallen. I was there now. I was there, about to cross it. I was going at about 20 km.

Suddenly I heard a loud CRACK! I was falling. Then in mid air, I fainted. 5 minutes later I was struggling, searching for air. “W- w-what happened? W-where am I?”
Someone Introduced himself and his cousin and explained what happened. David and Jake were their names. “And then Jake was banging a rock against your window too get you out…”
David said. “Thank you, for saving my life! Thank you so much,”
I said.  “I love my life and it has been short. But, why did you risk your lives to save someone you have never seen?”
I asked “Well, we wouldn’t possibly want anyone to drown if we could have helped them to survive.”
“Well I think it’s time I need to get home. Any chance I could borrow a lift back to my farm?”
David kindly said too me “Sure, I positively think that my mum wouldn’t mind giving you a ride back to your farm.”

So that is what happened to me many years ago and I can’t stop thinking about how careful those two boys were. Well, now you know my story,  Goodbye!

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