A Moment In Time Piece Of Writing

I am calmly riding back to shore in my boat with a bucket load of fish, as I slow down I hear a faint rumbling noise. It sounds as if there is a big fish very hungry. I hear the rumbling sound grow louder, and louder, and louder, and now I am holding my ears and they feel like they are going to explode!

I start to put my motor on a faster speed and quickly start to go back to shore. I feel I am going to get away, then I see a shadow looming over me and I feel water sprinkling over me like it is starting to rain.

I slowly turn my head around. I find myself staring at something that looked like… no, it can’t be… IT’S THE KRAKEN!! I see four huge tentacles slowly coming out of the water. I scream. I put my boat’s motor onto full speed and ride across the water to shore and I swerve my boat so it comes up right close to the sand and then I jump out in style and run for safety.

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I wonder if there is any way to defeat this monster, because the people have no chance because they all look like this --->
It is CHAOS!!

I run to the closest weapon shop and take a shotgun and I see the police getting some machine guns!! (UNFAIR!) I grab some ammo and make the run for it. You never know with these policemen.  I run back to the shore and see the Kraken swimming closer to the shore. BANG BANG!! I shoot one of the monsters tentacles, I see red and green slime oozing from the injury. At least that is part of the kraken down I see the tentacle I shot sink down and see another one appear! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! I see the police shooting the machine guns at the kraken and other police trying to get the people to clear off and drive away. The monster starts climbing up onto the shore and the police go closer (Which I think is a stupid idea.)

I back up as the monster swallows the police 3 by 3 down into it’s stomach. After it has finished eating the police it comes up for me! Or it seems. It comes up and people come back and start looking and walking closer (Even worse than the police!) The Kraken leaps up and jumps up on us all and we all die! THE END!

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