Maths: What did I learn to do, what was the success criteria?

My learning goal was to find perimeters and areas of common shapes and limits of answers.

1.My success criteria: we were able to calculate the perimeter (distance around the shape) by adding up the measurement of each side. When we put our answers down we need a measurement unit eg:  mm cm m km etc.

9 cm by 3 cm rectangle. Perimeter: 9 cm + 9 cm = 18 cm 3 cm + 3 cm = 6 cm
18 + 6 = 24 cm

2.We calculate the area (amount of size within the edges of a shape) By multiplying the length and width of a shape. The answer and a measurement unit and the number 2 (small) for a squared measurement.

9 cm by 3 cm rectangle. Area: 9 cm x 3 cm = 27 cm squared

3. We calculate the volume (The capacity in a 3D shape) by multiplying the height x length x width.
Rectangle with 3 cm height, 2 cm length and 3 cm width.

3 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm = 18 cm cubed

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