Multiplication and Division

WALT: Solve X by using the algorithm method. Use brackets to show understanding. And Solve written division by showing remainder as a decimal.

I have learnt another very useful method for solving multiplication and division.

My next step is to solve written division but using remainder as a fraction not a decimal.

Solving X by using the algorithm method is the top of the photo.

And the solve written division by showing remainder as a decimal is the smaller one at the bottom of the photo.

The way I solved the bottom one out is I thought can 1 be divided into 5 without decimals? no. that is why I put a 0 at the start. Then I carried the one over to the 2 and it made 12. So 12 divided by 5 = 2 remainder 2. so I wrote a little 2 above the next number (6) 26 divided by 5 = 5 r 1 so I wrote down a five at the top and a small one above the seven. 17 divided by 5 = 3 r 2 so I wrote a 3 at the top and remainder .2 So the answer was 253.2.

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